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Filter out candidates who don’t meet your standards without involving your technical colleagues.

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Codility makes testing programmers a breeze, even for recruiters without a technical background.

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Codility gives you objective insights into your candidates programming skills, showing you their thinking process before you interview them.

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Codility works right out of the box. No long setups. Programming tasks are ready to be used.

The Codility Hiring Philosophy

Watch Greg, our CEO, talking about how testing fundamental
programming skills
allows you to hire faster and smarter.

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Get your candidates graded online based on their actual skills

See score, code history and performance in comparison to all previous candidates.


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Discussing test report is a great point to include in interview.

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Codility has become core to our technical recruitment process over the last 3 years, providing insight into software engineering ability and ensuring that we spend face-to-face interview time with the strongest candidates.
Codility enables us to reach out to a much larger number of candidates, all the while requiring less of our recruiters’ time. 100% of the candidates who come for a final interview onsite are outstanding! We're thrilled and highly recommend Codility!

Andy Wilde. VP Product Development. SwiftKey.

Dr. Mauricio Carneiro. Group Lead. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

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